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Let the professionals at Advanced Network Solutions deal with your network so you can get back to running your business!

Advanced Network Solutions designs, services, and supports small to medium size networks using state of the art technology. Our support staff is experienced and well versed in all aspects of computing.  We can support desktop, server and network issues as they arise. We proactively use preventative maintenance to keep your network up and running.
With today’s business needs requiring a reliable network to deliver critical business services, our ANSI-Watch program uncovers network issues before they can spiral into crippling network failures.

 One of the most difficult components of supporting a network is having the ability to receive advanced notice of errors and being able to predict failure.  When addressing network issues reactively, customers typically experience prolonged periods of costly downtime.  Our ANSI-Watch program completely eliminates the traditional break-fix model where you’re waiting for hours for the technician to arrive.  

Call us at 913-906-9201

6600 College Blvd, Suite 138

Overland Park, KS 66211

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